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Connecticut Waterfalls

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Flow (Maximum Mean) Falls
liters/sec gal/sec
12730433608Roxbury Falls
7117218790Great Falls
99822635Yantic Falls
42911133Diana's Pool
2919771Wadsworth Falls
872230Buttermilk Falls (Plymouth)
532140Seven Falls
463122Sperry Falls
421111Kent Falls (upper)
421111Kent Falls (lower)
408108Shelter Falls
400105Buttermilk Falls (Norfolk)
29778Dean's Ravine Falls
27673Silver Falls
26570The Falls (upper)
24665Spruce Brook Falls
19851Macedonia Gorge Falls
18949Southford Falls
16042Enders Fall #3
16042Enders Fall #1
16042Enders Fall #2
16042Enders Fall #5
16042Enders Fall #6
16042Enders Fall #4
15441Roaring Brook Falls
10929Burr Falls
8523Tartia Falls / Engel Falls
7921Gorge Cascade Falls
7219Negro Hill Brook Falls
6517Indian Well Falls
5815Lost Lake Falls
4913Westfield Falls
4712Wadsworth Little Falls
4613Wintergreen Falls
369Ayers / Bailey's Falls (lower)
277Ayers / Bailey's Falls (upper)
256Spruce Glen Falls
206Amber Falls
165Cascades, The
165Carpenter's Falls
15.84.1Blackledge Falls
122Cedar Mill Brook Falls
124Sheep Falls
82Wolcot Falls
3.21.9Stair Brook Falls
2.10.52Bear Hill Falls
1.20.32Mount Carmel Spring Falls
10.27Black Pond Falls


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