Connecticut Water Falls

Connecticut Waterfalls

Mount Carmel Spring Falls*
Hamden (Mount Carmel), CT


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Mount Carmel Spring Falls


A fall with a large drop, but a low water volume. Best chance to view the falls with water is in the spring. There is not enough volume or speed to throw the water, so the water just runs down the side of the cliff.

The fall is located within Sleeping Giant State Park, with has one of the best network of hiking trails in the state. Following the hiking directions to the falls will lead you through a Gorge and by some nice rock formations.

I am calling the falls "Mount Carmel Spring Falls", because I have not been able to find an official name for them. The source of the water is most likely a spring and it is near Mount Carmel, hence, the name. If you know of an official name for these falls, please let me know.

* I do not know or am unsure of the offical name of these falls.

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