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In order to rank the falls by water flow, a method is needed to compare the water flows of streams when the flow measurements are taken on different dates. For information on how the flow measurements are made see the Flow Measurements.

Varying Flow Rates

The water flow rates vary day by day and threw out the year. Day to day variations occur do to local rains and water diversions. Seasonal variations occur do to seasonal rain patterns, ground water levels and the snow pack.

Definition of Maximum Mean

Maximum mean water flow is the largest average water flow that occurs during the month of the year with the highest water flow. For most rivers in Connecticut, March as the largest water flow. So the maximum mean is the mean water flow for the month of March.

Maximum mean is not the largest water flow for the river. At any given day the water flow could be greater or less.

Annual Water Flow Cycle

Flow measurements from nine water flow meters, maintained by the U. S. Geological Survey and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection were used to derive the average flow percentage a stream is off its maximum flow in any month.

The actual flow meter data is available on the USGS web site, Connecticut Current Stream Flow Conditions page.

Calculating Maximum Mean

The maximum mean is calculated by increasing the flow measured by a percentage factor that compensates for the annual water flow cycle. The factor used depends upon the month the flow measurement was taken.

The following table shows how a streams flow in any given month relates to the streams Maximum Mean Flow. A graph of the relationship is also available.

Month % of Maximum Mean Flow
January 67%
February 68%
March 97%
April 94%
May 63%
June 43%
July 24%
August 24%
September 24%
October 33%
November 51%
December 62%




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